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  • de Tarbes sortie d'autoroute : Saint-Gaudens (sortie 18)
  • de Toulouse sortie d'autoroute : Lestelle (sortie 19)

En bus: réseau régional liO : via l'application ou le site web mestrajets.lio.laregion.fr

En train: Gare SNCF de Saint-Gaudens et gare de Montréjeau : Site OUI.sncf

En avion: Aéroport Toulouse Blagnac, Aéroport de Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées, Aéroport de Pau Pyrénées

Point of Tourist Info

Venez nous rencontrer à l'Office de Tourisme.

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Téléphone: +33 (0)5 61 94 77 61


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Fire department: 18

SAMU: 15

Police: 17

Medical office ...

COVID-19 Information

Hello, we are all living in an exceptional period, struggling in the face of this global pandemic.
It is in the best possible conditions and in all serenity that we wish to welcome you.
The measures taken within our house:
- Respect for barrier gestures and social distances
- Provision of hydroalcoholic gel at strategic locations in the house
- Disinfection of each room between each client with a 24 hour period between two clients
- Disinfection of door handles and switches at least twice a day.
- Wearing gloves during any cleaning action
- Washing of laundry at 60 °
- Will no longer be available: brochures, books and board games
These measures will be effective with your contribution by asking you to also be benevolent actors.
Enjoy your stay with us and take care of yourself.